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Process Servers & Serving Documents in Czech Republic

There could be many requirements where you may need the services of process server to find a positive answer, But, what kind of requirements are making the Czech people to search out a process server, let us know them by going through various problems of people and organizations.

Basically, the prime purpose of using a process server is to obtain a qualitative and distinctive process service of a kind to get the higher support in serving vital legal papers and judicial documents of a person to a respondent located in some other part of country. It provides the facility for having speedy serving of your legal notices, complains, writs, petitions, divorce papers, law suits, court order and other important legal papers and commercial documents by perfectly finding the right respondent and timely serving all important papers.

This is considered to one of the most effective methods for getting the faster legal decision and judiciary on personal and business issues where it is necessary to serve the documents to call upon a person to appear in the court for taking a verdict or submitting a statement to have the final decision on a pending case. This is to tell you that Czech process servers are of a kind to have knowledge, potential and dynamism to create new method for serving your documents.

There are various requirements when a process server has to work to according to the prevailing laws of the country by going the process services as per the rules and regulatory applied for governing such legal works. You will be glad to know that our process servers are well aware of entire regulatory and laws providing meaningful process services. There is also an added advantage in using our process servers because they are quite familiar with all regions of Czech and it helps us to deliver all the documents on time. All kinds of Legal/Civil cases documents are served which includes Summons, Petitions, Complaints, Litigation and corporate papers. The documents served by us are described below:

Family Documents in Family courts: These are most important family document made up of divorce papers and child custody documents and served in the federal magistrate’s court to get the solution of all family issues.

Personal Process Service: This includes Summons, Petitions, Notices, Subpoena, Applications, and complaints etc. primarily used to resolve the personal problems that requires the legal services for effective solution.

Professional Process Service: These are professional document of any corporate require the solution of entire professional issues consists of Complaints, Claims and Subpoenas, injunctions.

Skip Tracing Service: This is specially designed work to get the process services on such persons who are missing with no traces. We provide the whereabouts and trace of the all such persons for the purpose of process service.

Other than above mentioned works, we are rendering the services of some of the other crucial process service needs:

  • Bankruptcy or winding up petitions
  • Court Orders
  • Litigation, Issuing and filling at the court
  • Serving other judicial and extra judicial paper in civil and Business matter
  • All Insolvency Act related documents
  • Orders to Attend Court for Questioning
  • Suspended Committal Orders
  • Prohibited Steps Orders
  • Notice Seeking Possession & Possession Order
  • Freezing Order

Affidavits of Service/Notary Public Service: This is the proof of process service affirmed by the Court Registrar and offered by the services provider after the successful completion of service. The notary public services costs more than affidavits.

Time consideration will be fully utilized; indeed we manage to serve even if the address is not assured documents/summons/complaints accordingly. All the assignments are handled by fully trained and experienced process servers. To obtain more comprehensive information related to our Process Services you may inquire on [email protected].

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